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GYAN's purpose is to leverage the collective power of young people to change the world. We provide a clearinghouse of information, resources and opportunities for making a difference. Through our partnership with TakingITGlobal, GYAN offers its members a vibrant on-line community with web-based project management tools and the opportunity for greater visibility.

The Network represents a growing alliance of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in more than 190 countries, working together to improve our world. Membership is open on different levels to any organization that supports young people and which does not advocate hatred or violence in any form. More than 1,200 organizations have applied for GYAN to date and we are currently finalizing a revised membership structure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Become a member! We invite your organization to join the Global Youth Action Network!


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Members Listing (Select the first letter of the organization name above or use the search field)
Yabonga, South Africa
Yaudest Event, Côte D'Ivoire
Yearn for Street Children Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
Yerevan State Insitute of Economics Student Council, Armenia
YHRI (youthforhumanrights.org), United States
Yichalal Project, Ethiopia
YMaD - Youth Making a Difference, South Africa
YMCA - Belize, Belize
YMCA Kindondoni, Tanzania
YMCA of Senegal, Senegal
Yohanabad Schools' Association - Pakistan, Pakistan
YOU CAN - Youth Organisation to Uplift Communication Action for Nation Building, India
You-Care International Organisation, Nigeria
YouNet, Italy
Young & Speed, Africa, Nigeria
Young Activists Initiative Nigeria, Nigeria
Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-related Development (Y.A.A.ICT-D), Malawi
Young African Intellectuals Association, Nigeria
Young Ambassadors for Rural Development, Mongolia, Mongolia
Young Americas Business Trust (YABT), United States
Young Development, Togo
Young Diplomats Club, United States
Young Educated Safe and Skilled, Uganda
Young Entrepreneur, Uzbekistan
Young Frontiers Youth Organization, Kenya
Young Ghanaians Business Trust(YGBT), Ghana
Young Leaders' Club, Georgia
Young Malaysians Movement (Y.M.M.), Malaysia
Young MDG, Jamaica
Young MDG - Philippines, Philippines
Young Men's Christian Association, Uruguay
Young Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc., Philippines
Young People We Care (YPWC), Ghana
Young People's Guild of PCG, Accra New Town District, Ghana
Young Professionals' Network, Pakistan
Young Social Reformers, Pakistan
Young Society Initiative, Turkey
Young Welfare Society (YWS) Sindh, Pakistan
Young Welfare Society Mughalabad (YWSM), Pakistan
Young- Africans Dev. Action (YDA), Somalia
Youngster Solidarity Forum, Nigeria
Youngsters for Zanskar, Switzerland
Youth Investment Network, Uganda
Youth 2 Youth in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Youth 4D, Ghana
Youth Action for Development Organization (YADO), Ghana
Youth Action for Progress, Nigeria
Youth Action for Social Advancement (YASA), Bangladesh
Youth Action Nepal, Nepal
Youth Action Network, Canada
Youth Action Network - Liberia, Liberia
Youth Action Network Nigeria, Nigeria
Youth Action Uganda , Uganda
Youth Action Youth and Sports Centrum , Turkey
Youth Advocacy Network (YAN) on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Pak, Pakistan
Youth Affirmative Foundation, Zimbabwe
Youth Against Conflict for Positive Change (YACPOC), Liberia
Youth Against Cyber Crimes and Fraud in Nigeria, Nigeria
Youth Against Drug Abuse and Child Trafficking-YADACT, Nigeria
Youth Against Violence in Liberia (YAVIL), Liberia
Youth Ahead! - Collectif de Jeunes Talents "Jeunesse en Mouvement" , Cameroon
Youth Aid Development Organisation (YADO), Ghana
Youth Aids and Sport Organisation Worldwide(YAASO Worldwide), Zimbabwe
Youth Alert (Youth Against Drug Abuse), Nigeria
Youth Alert (Youth For Positive Change), Cameroon
Youth Alert With Aids Mukono (YAWAM), Uganda
Youth Alive Club, Ghana
Youth Alliance Association, Ethiopia
Youth Alliance Fighting HIV/AIDS, Suriname
Youth Alliance for Democracy and Development(YADD), Cameroon
Youth Alliance For Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA UGANDA), Uganda
Youth Alliance for Rights & Governance, Bangladesh
Youth Alliance Gambia -Charitable Oganisation, Gambia
Youth Alliance The Gambia, Gambia
Youth and Women Empowerment (YAWE) Foundatioon, Uganda
Youth Anti AIDS Network (YAN), Zambia
Youth Are Partners for Empowerment(YAPE), Liberia
Youth Assistance & Mainstream Activities, Afghanistan
Youth association for change network, Tanzania
Youth Association for Habitat and Agenda 21, Turkey
youth awareness against drug abuse initiative, Nigeria
Youth Awareness and Rescue Organization, Kenya
Youth Awareness and Voluntary Group Sierra Leone (YAVG-SL), Sierra Leone
YOUTH BEEP! (Business Education Enhancement Program), Philippines
Youth Build Future, Tanzania
Youth Builders Organization, Nigeria
Youth Campaign for Progress (YOCAP-Nepal), Nepal
Youth Center (part of NGO Forum for European Integration), Bosnia & Herzegovina
Youth Challenge Crew International (SA), South Africa
Youth Challenge International, Canada
Youth Community Development Organization, Nigeria
Youth Concept International, Ghana
Youth Crime Watch Of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Youth Crime Watch Of Nigeria, Nigeria
Youth Crime Watch of South Africa, South Africa
Youth Crime Watch of the Gambia, Gambia
Youth Crime Watch Zambia, Zambia
youth crime watch zanzibar/tanzania, Tanzania
Youth Culture & Knowledge Exchange , Ireland
Youth Development and Skills Acquisition, Nigeria
Youth Development and Voluntary Work Association, Palestine
Youth Development and Voluntary Work Association, Palestine
Youth Development Organization (YODO), Somalia
Youth Dialogue, Tanzania
Youth Discovery and Re-orientation, Nigeria
Youth Edge, Pakistan
Youth Employment Service Cameroon, Cameroon
Youth Employment Summit - Georgia, Georgia
Youth Employment Summit - Philippines or Philippine Youth Employment Network (PY, Philippines
Youth Empowerement & Restoration Initiative , Nigeria
Youth Empowerment And Resources Network-YEARN, Kenya
Youth Empowerment and Peace Building Organisation, Sierra Leone
Youth Empowerment for Development Ministries (YEDEM) International, Sierra Leone
Youth Empowerment For Development Ministry (YEDEM-MALAYSIA), Malaysia
Youth Empowerment for Progress - YEP, Ghana
Youth Entrepreneurs Network of Zambia (YENZ), Zambia
Youth Entrepreneurship Support - Zambia , Zambia
Youth EnvirOlympics Council, Singapore
Youth Environmental Alliance, Kenya
Youth Federation for World Peace, Kenya
Youth Federation for World Peace, Nigeria, Nigeria
Youth Focus Information Network (YFIN), Nigeria
Youth Food Movement, Italy
Youth for a Sustainable Future Pacifika, Australia
Youth For Change, Pakistan
Youth for Change in Tagum City (YFC-TC), Philippines
Youth for Change International, United States
Youth For Children Association, Sudan
Youth for Community Academic and Development Services, Liberia
Youth for Development, India
Youth for Development Association, Hungary
Youth for Good Governance-Philippines, Philippines
Youth for Human Rights Education Network, Portugal
Youth For New Vision, Somalia
youth for peace and development uganda, Uganda
Youth for Peace Building, Sierra Leone
Youth for Policy and Dialogue, India
Youth for Progress International, Ghana
Youth for Social Development (YSD), India
Youth for Understanding USA, United States
Youth for Youth Association - Kenya, Kenya
youth forum for enlightenment, Egypt
Youth Forum Liberia Incorporated, Liberia
Youth Forum Society for Enlightment, Egypt
Youth Governance Association ( Genç Yönetişim Derneği ), Turkey
Youth Hiv2Aids Awareness(YAAH) Foundation, South Africa
Youth Impression Concept, Ghana
Youth in Action Development Forum, Uganda
Youth In Advancment In Community Development, Ghana
Youth in Development And Peace Building Organisation, Sierra Leone
Youth in Development Network (Malawi), Malawi
Youth in Focus Foundation - Kenya, Kenya
Youth in Social Affairs and Development, Malawi
Youth In Technology and Arts Network (YOTAN), Liberia
Youth Information and Education for Behavior Change Trust (YIEBC Trust), Zimbabwe
Youth Information Centre, Czech Republic
Youth Initiative Against Corruption, Malawi
Youth Initiators Nigeria, Nigeria
Youth Integration on Right, Health and Eradication of HIV/AIDS [YIRHEA], Nigeria
Youth Interactive, Nigeria
Youth Intervention for Peace Project (YIPP), Burundi
Youth Ivory Coast, Côte D'Ivoire
Youth Leadership Development Foundation, Yemen
Youth Leadership Development Foundation, Nigeria
Youth Leadership Development Foundation, Yemen
Youth Live (Mzuzu) - Malawi, Malawi
Youth Media Network, Philippines
Youth Movement For Peace and Non-violence, Sierra Leone
Youth Network of Mauritius, Mauritius
youth new generation, Algeria
Youth NGO , Ukraine
Youth Organization For International Volunteers, Kenya
Youth Organization of Bhutan, Nepal
Youth Organization of Development of Pignon (YODP), Haiti
Youth OUTLOUD!, United States
Youth Parliament of Jammu & Kashmir, India
Youth Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Youth Path, Ghana
Youth Peace And Human Rights Network, Inc., United States
Youth Powerhouse, United States
Youth Press Portugal, Portugal
Youth Progressive Peace and Justice Forum, Nigeria
Youth Project Ghana, Ghana
Youth Radio Network Philippines , Philippines
Youth Re:Action Corps, United States
Youth Realities Network, Ghana
Youth Resource Centre (YRC), Pakistan
Youth Self Reliance Opportunities initiative (YSRO-Initiative), Tanzania
Youth Senate Pakistan, Pakistan
Youth Service America, United States
Youth Skills for Development (YS4D), Zambia
Youth Social Work Association, Uganda
Youth Society for Peace,
Youth Support Forum, South Africa
Youth Synergy Against HIV AIDS, Congo (Democratic Republic)
Youth Venture INDIA, India
Youth Vigil for Democracy, Nigeria
Youth Vision Initiative, Nigeria
Youth Vision Plus, Nigeria
Youth Vision, Inc., Liberia
Youth Volunteer Initiative for Community Development, Nigeria
Youth Voyage of Nigeria, Nigeria
YouthAction on Climate Change Uganda, Uganda
YouthAidLiberia, Liberia
Youthdevelopment Network Ydnet,
YouthHomelessness , Canada
Youthhood, Tanzania
YouthMetro, Malta
Youths Creative Art Forum YCAF, Nigeria
Youths for Generational Change Africa, Nigeria
Youths For Youths Network , Kenya
Youths in Action for Christ, Liberia
Youths of the United Nations Association (YUNA) of Zambia, Zambia
Youths Rehabilitation and Enhancement Unit of Echekwu Damian Foundation, Nigeria
Youths' Progressive Peace & Justice Forum, Nigeria
Youths-OAO the Gambia, Gambia
YPA, Belarus
YPARD Rwanda Chapter, Rwanda
YPSA (Young Power in Social Action), Bangladesh
Ys-Kids, United Kingdom
YSDA-PILIPINAS (Youth for Sustainable Development Assembly), Philippines
YTAC - Family Planning Association, Sri Lanka
Yu Tok Organization, Papua New Guinea
Yuv Shakti - Janvikas , India
Yuva Disha Kendra, India

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