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GYAN's purpose is to leverage the collective power of young people to change the world. We provide a clearinghouse of information, resources and opportunities for making a difference. Through our partnership with TakingITGlobal, GYAN offers its members a vibrant on-line community with web-based project management tools and the opportunity for greater visibility.

The Network represents a growing alliance of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in more than 190 countries, working together to improve our world. Membership is open on different levels to any organization that supports young people and which does not advocate hatred or violence in any form. More than 1,200 organizations have applied for GYAN to date and we are currently finalizing a revised membership structure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Become a member! We invite your organization to join the Global Youth Action Network!


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Members Listing (Select the first letter of the organization name above or use the search field)
n, Canada
Nadezhda Express, Belarus
NAELE Voice of Africa, Tanzania
Naguru teenage Post Test Club, Uganda
Namibia Development Trust, Namibia
Narowal Rural Development Program , Pakistan
Natal Voluntarios, Brazil
National 4-H Youth Directions Council, United States
National Academy of Young Scientists (NAYS) Pakistan, Pakistan
National AIDS Foundation, Mongolia
National Association Of Special Education Students' Forrum (NASESF), Nigeria
National Association of Students Against HIV/Aids, University of Jos., Nigeria
National Development Support Programme (NDSP), Pakistan
National Federation Of Youth Organisations In Bangladesh (NFYOB), Bangladesh
National Foundation for Youth, India
National Renaissance Assembly, Sri Lanka
National Union of Algerian Students (UNEA, Algeria
National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students (NUEYS), Eritrea
National Union of Somali Students, Somalia
National Union of Students UK, United Kingdom
National Youth Action Uganda, Uganda
National Youth Alliance, United Kingdom
National Youth Association Of Pakistan, Pakistan
National Youth Council - Senegal CNJS, Senegal
National Youth Council of Namibia, Namibia
National Youth Council of Pakistan, Pakistan
National Youth Council of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
National Youth Council of Switzerland, Switzerland
National Youth Council, Nepal, Nepal
National Youth Development Initiatives , Liberia
National Youth Leadership Council, United States
National Youth Network Madagascar, Madagascar
National Youth Organisation, Kenya
National Youth Parliament of The Gambia, Gambia
National Youth Service of Youth Initiative, Nepal
National Youth Services Council, Sri Lanka
NCYE Network Campaign on Youth Empowerment, India
Nebassel, Cameroon
Nepal Rural Information Technology Development Society (NRIDS), Nepal
Nepal Youth Forum, Nepal
nepals, Nepal
Net Organisation for Youth Empowerment and Development (NOYED)-GHANA, Ghana
Net Organisation for Youth Empowerment and development(NOYED), Ghana
Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa (NAYA) Kenya Chapter, Kenya
Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa (NAYA) Kenya, Kenya
Network of Ahafo Youth Associations, Ghana
Never Again International Rwanda, Rwanda
New Africa Foundation, Ghana
New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation, Nigeria
New Era Educational and Charitable Support Initiative, Nigeria
New Hope Waves-Zambia (Heart In Action Ent.), Zambia
New Leaf Australia, Australia
New Life Cambodia (NLC), Cambodia
New Life Drama Company, United States
New Light Youth Association, Kenya
New Star Organisation, Ghana
New Student Alternative, Georgia
Newark Rootz, United States
NGO Action pour le Développement Intégré et la Formation, Senegal
NGO Art Studio, Macedonia
NGO Generating Ideas, Estonia
NGO Hope for Children, Côte D'Ivoire
Nhyira Foundation, Ghana
Niger Delta Academic Foundation, Nigeria
Niger Delta Neighborhood Link, Nigeria
Niger Delta Youth Forum, Nigeria
Nigeria Campus AIDS Foundation, Nigeria
Nigeria Grassroot Youth Forum (NGRYF), Nigeria
Nigeria Internet Wizard Association, Nigeria
Nigeria Youth Network on HIV/AIDS (NYNETHA) Cross River State Chapter, Nigeria
Nigeria Youth Synergy, Nigeria
nigerian renovation organization, Nigeria
Nigerian Youth Initiative (NYI), Nigeria
Nigerian Youth Parliament, Nigeria
Nnado Foundation Inc., Nigeria
Nnado Foundation Inc., Nigeria, Nigeria
Noble Missions International, Nigeria
Noble Missions International (NMI), Nigeria
Non-governmental Organization of Girls and Young Women Dono, Uzbekistan
Northern Information Network for Schools, Ghana
Nouvel Espace pour le Partenariat au Développement de Centrafrique, Central African Republic
NOVATIN Youth Organisation, Romania
NPower NY, United States
Núcleo dos Estudantes Amigos do Livro-NELO, Mozambique
Nyerezee Cultural Program, Ghana
NYSC-PET Funtua, Nigeria
NYSC/MDGS DTA Awareness Group, Nigeria
Nzra, Palestine

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