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GYAN's purpose is to leverage the collective power of young people to change the world. We provide a clearinghouse of information, resources and opportunities for making a difference. Through our partnership with TakingITGlobal, GYAN offers its members a vibrant on-line community with web-based project management tools and the opportunity for greater visibility.

The Network represents a growing alliance of youth-led and youth-serving organizations in more than 190 countries, working together to improve our world. Membership is open on different levels to any organization that supports young people and which does not advocate hatred or violence in any form. More than 1,200 organizations have applied for GYAN to date and we are currently finalizing a revised membership structure. Stay tuned for more updates.

Become a member! We invite your organization to join the Global Youth Action Network!


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Members Listing (Select the first letter of the organization name above or use the search field)
M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, India
MAAPSI, Bangladesh
Machizo, Bangladesh
Maison des Jeunes Sahloul, Tunisia
Malawi Health Equity Network, Malawi
Mali AIDS Candlelight Memorial Team, Mali
Managers Leisure - Student Organisation for People Development at the University, Nigeria
Manenberg People's Centre, South Africa
Mano River Youth Network - MARYONET, Liberia
Manovikas Charitable Society , India
Markham Getting Together, Canada
Markham Getting Together, Canada
Marong Human Rights Youth Activists, Sierra Leone
Más O2, Argentina
Mathare Youth Sports Association, Kenya
Mayurbhanj Biological Research (MBR), India
MBD Harvest Youth, Papua New Guinea
McDolly Konsult, South Africa
MDGs CDS Group Of the NYSC, Nigeria
MDGs Nigeria, Nigeria
MEARN, Morocco
Mediterranean Center for Sustainable Development Programs, Egypt
Mercy Corps, United States
Methodist Youth Fellowship, Diocese of Lagos, Nigeria
Metta Moe Myanmar , Myanmar
Metuia, Brazil
mh2, New Zealand
Millasworld International Youth Forum, Nigeria
Millennium Campus Network, United States
Millennium Ghana Beacons Team, Ghana
Millennium Single/Teens World International, Nigeria
Mind and Thought Development, Nigeria
MINDFREEDOM - Support Coalition International, United States
Mindset and Community Advancement Operations (MICADO) , Nigeria
Ministry and Education Among Rural Children and Youth, India
Ministry of Education - Department of School Activities, Kuwait
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kosovo
Ministry of Youth & Sports, Cook Islands
Ministry of Youth Sports and Community Development, Grenada
Minsaki Katende Foundation (Minkat), Uganda
Miracle Corners of the World (MCW), Tanzania
Missions Supporters League/Medical Laboratory Sci. Student. , Nigeria
Mladinski center Dravograd, Slovenia
Mobilisation des Jeunes pour le Renouveau d'Haiti, Haiti
Momo Foundation, Bangladesh
Montana Motilor Association, Romania
Moral Ethics and Education Foundation, Uganda
Motswedi wa Lerato, South Africa
Mouvement Pour Une Education Nouvelle, Haiti
Mouvement Social Chrétien Prie Agis, MOSCHPA, Haiti
Movement Against AIDS & Poverty [MAIDS], Nigeria
Movement Against Drug Abuse, Pakistan
Movement for Development and Enlightenment (MODE), Nigeria
movimiento de participacion ciudadana, Argentina
Movimiento Sanmarquino por la Verdad (MSV), Peru
Mozambican Fundraising Network , United States
Mpophomeni Youth Project, South Africa
mrs paint office, Kenya
MT Kenya Focus on HIV/AIDS Empowerment Program, Kenya
MUCODINET: Muyekhe Community Development Initiative Network , Uganda
Mukhtar Mai Women's Welfare Organization (MMWWO), Pakistan
MUNJOCAM, Cameroon
Mutuelle Jeunesse Active, Congo (Democratic Republic)
Mwambao Development Movement, Tanzania
My Own Children Network International Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
Myanmar Orphan Support Network, Myanmar
myHarapan, Youth Trust Foundation, Malaysia
MyTurn, United States

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